06.08.11 Version 1.6 is out now, with higher encryption and all known major bugs fixed, as well as a few new features. 05.16.11 The alpha documentation for the UNet protocol is available here: Keep in mind that since it's alpha the protocol will have some major additions and revisions until we hit beta. 04.13.11 It has come to my attention that someone is using spam and spyware tactics to promote their own client for UNet. I do not use any type of spam as marketing, and as a sign of good faith I am releasing the windows version as a zip file once again for those who wish to install it manually.

I am also posting the source code on the downloads page for those who wish to compile it themselves. Please report any bugs you find to

Example spam message:
(x:xx:xx PM)

(x:xx:xx PM) UNet Is A Virus: Attention: You may have recieved a message to join UNet.
Don't do it! It is a virus and will corrupt your system! While
the protocol is real, the installer on the website installs a virus.
Please wait for the release of ****'s safe ***** client coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way, the project has exceeded our expectations and I can't wait to see where it goes in the future.

03.06.11 Site renovation under way, web access to accounts is temporarily unavailable. 03.01.11 The alpha client has been released to a small group of members. After the initial testing phase is complete there will be an open registration beta.